Werewolves are a series of Earth monsters, whose types are either Beast or Beast-Warrior. There primary use is their pure attacking power, which is increased by "Werewolf Commander". They also receive support from the Lycanthropes who can only be summoned by combining different Werewolves. Since they are all Earth attribute they do well under the conditions of Gaia Power, and also they can be given a power increase with Wild Nature's Release.


Werewolf Commander - Assault Werewolf - Werewolf Lord - Werewolf Creator -
Werewolf Guard - Werewolf Connector - Chaos Werewolf - Sacrificial Werewolf -
Werewolf Technician - Spiritual Werewolf - Werewolf Disciple - Forest Werewolf -
Mutant Werewolf - Werewolf Warrior - Hunter Werewolf - Werewolf Spy

Spells and Traps
Call of the Werewolves - Werewolf Strike - Resurrection of the Werewolf -
Ribbon of the Werewolf - Werewolf Decoy - Werewolf Blast - Werewolf Spring -
Full Moon Rising - Maiden's Sacrifice - Werewolf Chronicle - Biting the Silver Bullet -
Werewolf Garden - Werewolf Counterattack - Werewolf's Vengeance

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Lycanthrope Epsilon - Lycanthrope Zeta

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