White Land of Blue-Eyes Dragons
Japan-flag Translated The agriculture designated ground of a blue eye dragon
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Field Field
Once per turn, you can discard two Blue-Eyes Monsters from your hand to Special Summon at least one level 6 or higher Blue-Eyes monster from your Hand or Deck. All Blue-Eyes monster on your side of the field are unaffected to your opponent's Trap Cards as long as this card remains face-up on the field.
Sets Blue-Eyes Archetype (BLUE-CC0?? SR)
Rarity Super Rare


Blue-Eyes Regular Stuff

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Kaibaman - Paladin of White Dragon - Kaibaman - The White Stone of Legend - White Dragon Ritual

Blue-Eyes More Supports

Monsters Blue-Eyes Tuner Dragon - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - Synchro Mode - Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Synchro Mode - Blue-Eyes White Dragon/Assault Mode - Blue-Eyes Wyvern - Faith of the Blue-Eyes - Knight of Blue-Eyes - Spirit of Blue-Eyes


The Charity of Blue-Eyes - White Land of Blue-Eyes Dragons


Blue-Eyes' Pain into Powerful

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