Woland is a character who appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! Dyax.

He is an ancient individual ostensibly part of the demonic alliance known as Maleficium Collectio, with a mysterious and suave nature to him that makes his true loyalties difficult to pin down.



Woland appears as a smooth-featured flesh-colored man who has short black hair arranged in a series of spikes that sometimes seem to smooth out. He also has hetero-chromatic eyes, with one eye being red, and the other eye being yellow, with this eye having black sclera. His preferred method of dress is that of a dapper suit with black trousers and top-hat. He tends to carry a poodle-headed cane, that in, truth, is the sheath to an ebon-colored sword.


Woland is a casual, but rather suave sort, being quite calm when introducing himself to others. However, this seems to hide a very dangerous and ruthless persona, with him sparing bystanders and duelists alike no mercy should he ever decide to get serious. .

At the same time, Woland seems to have a mysterious quality to him, making it difficult to tell what he is thinking. Woland for his part seems to encourage this, enjoying the prospect of his enemies being forced to sift through his actions.

Woland shows disinterest in those who are not willing to question the world around them, and prizes free will. Branching off from his distaste in the aesthetics of the Dark Signers, Woland believes in classier sorts of deals, showing distaste for Lucas' proclivity to create cartoon/sitcom-esque antics to get events moving. In that regard, Woland generally does not like that which he considers to be dull and boring

When dueling, Woland is a surprisingly respectful foe, taking his plays and the turns of his enemy into calm, neutral, calculating account. He himself is aware of how long his turns can get due to the combo-heavy nature of his deck, and is prone to the occasional self-depreciating joke.




Yu-Gi-Oh! Dyax




Behemoth is Woland's pet cat, whom he is very affectionate with. At the same time, Behemoth also carries a myriad of his own abilities that may or may not bring this affection into question. Woland is confident in Behemoth and will move to defend the feline if he is attacked, and Behemoth in turn is very loyal to Woland.


It is unknown what deck Woland currently plays.

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