The Wolvens are a series of Beast-Warrior-Type monsters, mostly EARTH, that are all half-wolf in nature similar to werewolves (this Archetype is not to be confused with the Werewolf Archetype). The Wolvens are portrayed as a grand army fighting in the name of their king, Loboriston. As such, the monsters in the series have names based off of medieval army personnel, having appropriate stats, effects, or both. Rather than focus on one particular aspect of play, the Wolvens have a wide variety of effects under their control. However, many of them involve other Beast or Beast-Warrior-Type monsters, and some only involve other Wolvens. The trump card of the series is Wolven Dragon, which, although not a Beast-Warrior like the rest, is capable of treating itself as such by equipping itself with another Wolven, gaining the effects of the equipped monster to boot.

Creator's Message: I encourage anyone to make additions to this series. If you have an idea for a Wolven monster or support card, create the card and add it to the template, or just add it to the template and I'll get to work. Thanks in advance, everyone! Taylor Gorrell 02:49, June 28, 2011 (UTC)


Monster Cards

Wolven Trooper - Wolven Archer - Wolven Scout - Wolven Recruiter - Wolven Mage - Wolven Gardna - Wolven Healer - Wolven Cremator - Wolven Skybomber - Wolven Tactician - Wolven Thief - Wolven Backup - Wolven Axe Knight - Wolven Lance Knight - Wolven Messenger - Wolven Interceptor - Wolven Venerator

Synchro Monsters

Wolven Commander - Wolven King Loboriston - Black Wolven Dragon - Red Wolven Dragon - White Wolven Dragon

Spell Cards

Wolves' Den - Wolven-Fur Disguise

Trap Cards

Wolven Ambush - Wolven Rage

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