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"Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon".

Xyz Dragon (エクシーズ・ドラゴン Ekushīzu Doragon) is an archetype of Dragon-Type monsters used by Yuto, and is one of multiple archetypes that derive from the Dragons of the Summoning Dimensions, consisting of Yuto's ace card, "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", and other Xyz Monsters (with some exceptions) that are off-shoots of it.

This is an open archetype, and is not restricted to any one cardmaker.

Play Style

Playing off of "Dark Rebellion", "Xyz Dragon" monsters involve stripping your opponent of their resources, such as stats or cards, while simultaneously gaining ATK in the process in order to hit the opponent while they're down. "Rank-Up-Magic Xyz Dimension Force" is the primary support card for these cards, allowing "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" and others of the same Rank to Rank-Up into stronger forms, while also allowing lower-Ranked "Xyz Dragons" (formed through a currently-unnamed "Rank-Down-Magic" card) to Rank-Up back into "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon".

As most "Xyz Dragon" monsters are Xyz Monsters, they benefit greatly from Xyz Monster support such as "Xyz Territory", and as one of the Summon Dimension Dragon archetypes, they are supported by "Dimension Roar".