Yu-Gi-Oh! DQ is a partnership Manga Fan Fiction created by both Chizuruotohime and Jadenkaiba.

An obvious Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's alternate, but this series focuses on primarily on finding the next "Duel Queen" (the "DQ" on the title). Since all the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series focuses on the King of Games.

The Master Rules are still used in this Manga and Speed World EX is used in Turbo Duels which reduces their Speed Counters depending on what type of Spell Cards they use.


Yu-Gi-Oh! DQ logo

Name Yu-Gi-Oh! DQ
Kanji 遊☆戯☆王•ディ•キュウ (デュエル•クィーン)
Genre Action, Adventure, Gaming
Created by Jadenkaiba and Chizuruotohime
No. of Chapters 1-Ongoing


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Character designs are made by Jadenkaiba.


The series is still set at New Domino City. Turbo Duels is still a sensation in the city. A new event, the "Duel Couple" tournament is now opened to find a new "Duel King" and "Duel Queen" sponsored by Ms. Twilight.

Duel Couple Arc

Yumi Fuuko, daughter of the first "Duel Queen", Yukiko starts her quest to become the next "Duel Queen". Other than that, she'll find more clues about her mother's dissappearance when she was 6. She defeated Ares Gainsborough in a Ground Duel that enables her to become his "Duel Couple" Partner and can now enter the tournament. She is accompanied by her uncle, Mafuyu and her supportive friends. She'll face many Duelists friend or foe alike during the tournament and finds out more about her mother, Ms. Twilight and the "Phantom". Yumi and Ares eventually wins the tournament and faces the current King and Queen, Nightshroud and Jill Ashford.

Constellar Arc

Soon to be announced.

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