Yu-Gi-Oh! Prelude! was a concept for a fanfiction, which would have been written by StarlightSG. The fanfiction would have been a prequel to Yu-Gi-Oh! HYPERFORCE!, and would have taken place many years before HYPERFORCE! began. The setting for this fanfiction would have been much darker than HYPERFORCE!, focusing more on the darker aspects of living in Grandscape City, and having a theme resembling poverty and also touching on slavery and discrimination, while being in a futuristic setting.

The Cast and the planned arc

The story would have followed the life of Damian Koroyuzki, a Psychic Duelist living in Grandscape City. The first arc was planned out relatively far, with it following Damian's early life living in the slums of Grandscape City and exploring how he had to survive and the mistreatment he received from many citizens simply for being poor and unknown. Transitioning to his later life, he would notice his psychic abilities develop and use them to gain money and afford a life. Damian would have been kidnapped by the nefarious Zukkoyiro Foundation, where he would be kept in the prison-like Haven, wearing a psychic-inhibiting collar, and forced to partake in numerous cage duels to avoid severe physical punishment. Damian would have been at the brunt of discrimination from the Haven's guards, and would be seen adapting to life inside the Haven. The story would then have followed Damian as he joined a gang within the Haven, and Damian would eventually duel many inmates before receiving the title of 'top dog' and being able to meet with the chief of the facility, in order to escape the Haven with his gang. The arc, naturally, would have ended with Damian escaping, however there was never a decision made on how many members of his gang would survive escaping with him. There was no real arcs planned beyond this, although I knew that I wanted Damian to eventually defeat the CEO of the Zukkoyiro Foundation and become its new leader, completing his 'weak-to-strong' arc (even if it was cliché).

The Dark Setting

I decided on the much darker setting because, although HYPERFORCE! was a fanfiction with many references to the light-hearted ZeXaL, I didn't want it to seem that a lot of the HYPERFORCE fanonverse was also light-hearted, and so I decided to contrast the previous fanfiction with a darker one.


This project isn't necessarily cancelled forever, but due to the lack of motivation I've had even with HYPERFORCE!, it's safe to say I probably won't get started on this one for a while lol.

Like HYPERFORCE!, the main extra deck monster type that would have been used would have been Constellation Monsters, though I wouldn't have been against using other summon methods either.

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