Episode 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Tetrodyne Chronicles: ARC-V Return to Origin

Yuya Sakki stood before a colossal form. He couldn’t see it clearly, but was no mistaking the shape of “Supreme King Z-ARC”. He had no idea how Z-ARC could be here now, let alone how he wound up Dueling Z-ARC, but Yuya knew he had only one option right now.

“I activate my “Hippo Carnival” Spell card, which lets me summon three “Hippo Tokens”!”, shouted Yuya, only for Z-ARC to roar, and Yuya saw the glow of a Trap Card being activated as his “Hippo Tokens” appeared.

“Uh-oh…”, thought Yuya, as the sky darkened, and then……slices of pizza began to rain down from the sky. The “Hippo Tokens” looked around, puzzled, then the three of them shrugged, and began to run around with their mouths open, trying to catch as many slices of pizza as possible, as Yuya watched with a shocked expression on his face.

“Wha… I don’t…”, said Yuya, as he tried to look around, and then he slipped on a slice of pizza and fell…. onto his bedroom floor.

Yuya glanced around, and seeing that it was morning, and that there was no sign of Z-ARC or a rain of pizza slices, sighed with relief.

“It was only a dream….”, said Yuya, “Albeit the strangest dream I ever had.”


After getting dressed and having breakfast, Yuya rode his Duel Runner to the You Show Duel School, the Dueltainer school his father runs with Skip Boyle. Duel Runners, once only seen in the Synchro Dimension, have become more and more common as transports among Duelists, even though Turbo Duels themselves are still rare outside of the Synchro Dimension. He parked his runner, then entered the school building. In the common room, he finds Tate, Allie, and Frederick.

“Hey guys, what’s up?”, asked Yuya.

“Yuya!”, said Allie.

“You’re just in time, they said they were going to show a special report about the other dimensions!”, Said Tate.

“Maybe they’ll announce a new Duel Tournament, I’ve got the goose prickles with anticipation!”, said Fredrick.

“So that’s why you’re watching TV and not practicing with my or Zuzu’s dad.”, said Yuya.

“That’s part of the reason.”, said Zuzu walking in, “The other part is that the ARC System is acting up again. Our dads are currently trying to fix it.”

“Ah.”, said Yuya, remembering that, when the Pendulum Dimension changed after the battle against Z-ARC, the school’s new, state of the art ARC system had been downgraded to a decent, but temperamental, older system, mainly because the Duel that Yuya had won the newer system in had never happened in the new timeline (he was still getting used to remembering Duels that technically never happened).

“Hey, they’re starting!”, said Allie, as Joy Jeever appears on the TV screen. “We now bring you our special report on the other dimensions.”, said Joy Jeever, “Though travel between the dimensions is easy thanks to the interdimensional pathways created by the failure of the Arc Project, travel between the world is relatively rare, with only a small number of people doing so. This has resulted in a general lack of information about the other worlds, something our report is intended to rectify. Here is what you may encounter should you decide to travel to these other worlds.”

An image of New Domino City (Synchro Dimension) appears on the screen.

“New Domino City is the primary city in the Synchro Dimension.”, explains Joy Jeever, “The city is distinguished by its numerous roadways and massive skyscrapers. Many of the skyscrapers are like miniature cites, and until recently, access to them was forbidden to all but the wealthiest citizens. Much of the rest city is like the urban areas of our dimension. Travelers should be cautious, as the city is currently being plagued by Duel Gangs. These gangs apparently terrorized the poorer areas of the city, all the while operating from secret bases established in the skyscraper cites. They were able to get this foothold due to bribing corrupt officials, both in government and in the local police force, known as the “Securities”, and with the recent ouster of many of the corrupt officials, they have been become much more publicly active to secure their footholds in the city.”

The TV briefly shows a building with a “Join the New Arcadia Movement” banner hanging from it before switching to an image of Fusion City.

“Fusion City is currently the only city we can visit in the Fusion Dimension.”, explains Joy Jeever, “While other cities have been confirmed to exist, they currently are not on good terms with Fusion City, and have currently forbidden travelers from Fusion City from entering. Other than the Fusion City itself, there is not much to see in the Fusion Dimension, as the green area around the city quickly gives way to desserts and badlands. The only other point of interest is Academy Island, which was badly damaged during the failure of the Arc Project and has been abandoned. If you do visit this dimension, it is best not to mention Academy Island or Duel Academy at all, since in the aftermath of the Arc Project, a shockingly large amount of physical and mental abuse that occurred at the school has come to light, and Duel Academy now has a bad reputation.”

The TV now switches to an image of Heartland City (Xyz Dimension).

“Heartland City is in the Xyz Dimension.”, explains Joy Jeever, “And we cannot recommend visiting it, due to the fact the city was destroyed in a natural disaster several years ago, and much of it has yet to be rebuilt, due to a lack of resources and no governing body to manage it. While students from Duel Academy are helping to rebuild, some of the students have abused the city’s residents and some of the citizens have begun to retaliate against the students for these abuses. We will go into more detail on these issues after the break.”

“That’s it?”, asked Tate.

“How disappointing.”, said Fredrick.

“Come on, guys, let’s go see if Mr. Boyle and Mr. Sakki are done fixing the ARC System.”, said Allie.

The three kids exit the room, leaving Yuya and Zuzu alone together.

“Wow”, said Yuya, “I didn’t know the other dimensions were having problems like this…”

“I bumped into Alexis yesterday,”, said Zuzu, “when she was picking up supplies from Leo Corp. for the rebuilding of Heartland City, and she took a few minutes and filled me in on what was going in the Fusion and Xyz Dimensions”.

“What did she say?”, asked Yuya.

“Basically,”, replied Zuzu, “most of the people of Fusion City only followed the Professor because of the utopia he promised to make, but after the failure of the Arc Project made it clear that that wouldn’t happen, many people began to realize the horrors they’d inflicted, and they chose to close down Duel Academy out of shame. A lot of the former students tried to return to their lives before they joined Duel Academy, only to discover that, with the changes to the Battle Royal Rules and the new text on many of their cards, their Dueling abilities had been knocked back to almost beginner level, and because of the academy’s harsh training methods, Dueling any way other than Battle Royal, or with any Deck other than an “Ancient Gear” Deck, is difficult.

“They’re going to basically have to relearn how to Duel?”, asked Yuya, “Yikes….”

“Yeah”, agreed Zuzu, “Alexis also said that, when knowledge that the student's Dueling ability had weakened, along with the fact that the “Carding” system had permanently stopped working after the Arc Project failed, became known in the Xyz Dimension, some of the citizens of Heartland City began to discriminate against the former Duel Academy students, and Alexis said that the students let them out of guilt.”

“It sounds like every dimension except ours is having problems.”, said Yuya, “I hope all our friends are alright….”

“Speaking of friends,” asked Zuzu, “have you had trouble communicating with Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri?”

“Yeah…”, replied Yuya, “When I can communicate with them, they say they’re fine, but it’s like they’re…. moving….”

“Further away?” said Zuzu, “That’s what’s happening with me and Celina, Lulu, and Rin. I wonder what it means….”

“I wish I knew….”, said Yuya.


That night, while getting ready for bed, Yuya thought about the odd situation he and Zuzu had.

“It’s hard to believe,” he thinks, “that Zuzu and me had originally been two totally different people, a Professional Duelist named Zarc and the Professor’s daughter Ray, and we both lived in the Original Dimension, though Declan says it’s proper name is now the United ARC Dimension. It all began when Zarc, driven insane by the pressure of the violent Duel culture that had emerged there, combined with his four dragon cards into “Supreme King Z-ARC” and went on a rampage, and was only stopped when Rey used four special Natural Energy Cards to split Zarc, herself, and the United ARC Dimension each into four people and dimensions. Zarc became me, Yuto, Yuri, and Yugo, Ray became Zuzu, Celina, Lulu, and Rin, and the United ARC Dimension became the Pendulum, Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Dimensions. Declan’s dad, the Professor, blamed himself for what happened, and started the Aquaria Project was to recombine the girls back into Ray and the dimensions back into the United ARC Dimension, while leaving Zarc split apart, but something went wrong, the other boys were absorbed into me, the girls were absorbed into Zuzu, and the dimensions were just mushed together into a single world in their current state instead of recombining into the United ARC Dimension. After the Arc Project failed, the dimensions split back apart, but me and Zuzu remained fused with our counterparts, though all our spirits remained separate individuals.”

As Yuya laid down and went to sleep, he began to communicate with the others in his mind.

“Hello?”, asked Yuya, “Can you guys hear me?”

“Yes.” Replied Yuri, appearing right behind Yuya.

“AHHHHH!”, shrieked Yuya, jumping forward and then turning around, “Don’t do that!”

“Sorry.”, chuckled Yuri, “I couldn’t resist.”

“I’m still getting used to him of all people having a mischievous side.”, said Yuto, appearing to the side of Yuya.

“But the expression on your face WAS priceless.”, chuckled Yugo, appearing on Yuya’s other side.

“Well, I guess it’s safe to say you’re all ok.”, said Yuya, “I was a little worried when we couldn’t communicate the other day.”

“As far as I can tell, we’re all fine.”, said Yuto, “I have no idea why we’re having trouble speaking to each other”.

“The Professor did say that he had uncovered the possibility that we could be separated back into our own bodies.”, said Yuri, “I wonder if our communication problems might be a sign we’re preparing to split apart.”

“I hope so!”, exclaimed Yugo, “You guys are nice and all, but I really miss having my own body!”

“Agreed.”, said Yuto and Yuri.

“Likewise.”, said Yuya, “You all really deserve to have your….”

At that moment, they all sensed a presence from deep within Yuya’s mind.

“Uh, what is that?”, asked Yugo, as a large shape begins to form.

“I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s huge!”, said Yuri.

The shape coalescence into “Supreme King Z-ARC”, which roars.

“Z-ARC!?!”, excamed Yuya, “But how….?!?”

“Forget the how!”, said Yuto, “We need to focus on what he’s planning to do!”

“REALESE….ME….” said Z-ARC, “DUEL….”

“I think he wants to Duel.”, said Yugo.

“Thank you for that insightful observation.”, said Yuri, “But I’m more concerned with the “release me” part, since him being in the real world worked out so well last time….”

“He’s right about that.”, said Yuto, “we can’t let Z-ARC be free.”

“Then we’ll defeat him together!” said Yuya, “Everyone!”

“Right!”, said Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri.

The other three boys combine with Yuya.

“Alright!”, said Yuya, “This is going to be an Action Duel”, set the Action Field “Acrobatic Circus”!

Instantly, Yuya’s mindscape becomes “Acrobatic Circus”.

“Now, let’s….”, said Yuya.

“DUEL!” said Yuya and Z-ARC.

As they say this, Action Cards are distributed around the field, and both players draw their starting hands.

“I’ll go first!”, said Yuya, “I’ll set a monster in Defense Position and 1 card face-down, then I’ll end my turn.”


With a roar, Darkwurm appears!


Darkwurm blast Yuya’s face-down monster with fire, briefly revealing “Performapal Hip Hippo” before it is destroyed.

“END…TURN…”, said Z-ARC.

Alright, now I’ll draw!, said Yuya, “I’ll place “Stargazer Magician” and “Timegazer Magician” in my Pendulum Zones!

The two magicians appear on either side of Yuya’s field.

“Now that the Pendulum Scale is set, I’ll build the arc of victory!”, said Yuya, “I Pendulum Summon!” “Come out “Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon”!”

Odd-Eyes appears with a roar!

“Alright Odd-Eyes, attack his Darkwurm!”, said Yuya, “Spiral Flame!”

Darkwurm is engulfed in Odd-Eyes Spiral flame attack and destroyed.

“And since Odd-Eyes effect has changed,”, said Yuya, “all battle damage you receive from it is doubled, regardless of the level of your monster!”


“Chronograph Sorcerer” appears on the field, which causes “Timegazer Magician” to grunt in surprise.

“I never saw that monster before…”, said Yuya.

“It must be the original form of “Timegazer Magician”.”, said Yuto.

Yuya looks at “Timegazer Magician”, who spots Yuya staring at him, and nods as if to say, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”


“Double Iris Magician” appears.

“Another new monster…”, said Yuya, “And for some reason, this one reminds me of Odd-Eyes.”

Yuya looks at Odd-Eyes, who is staring at “Double Iris Magician” intently, with its head tilted as if puzzled.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”, said Yugo.

“Me too…”, said Yuya, “But I can’t do anything except end my turn…”

“I…DRAW…”, said Z-ARC.

“Yuya!”, said Yuto, “You need to grab an Action Card!”

“There’s one over there!”, said Yuri, pointing at an action card.


Yuya manages to grab the action Card before Z-ARC finishes speaking.


A glowing red energy in the shape of “Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon” surrounds “Double Iris Magician”.

“Uh-oh…”, said Yuya.


“Black Fang Magican” appears and is surrounded by a glowing black energy in the shape of “Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon”.

“Another one, and it looks like Dark Rebellion now!” said Yuto.


“Purple Poison Magician” appears and is surrounded by a glowing purple energy in the shape of “Starving Venom Fusion Dragon”.

“This one’s copying Starving Venom!”, said Yuri, “Which means…”


“White Wing Magician” appears and is surrounded by a glowing white energy in the shape of “Clear Wing Synchro Dragon”.

“And that one’s Clear Wing!” said Yuto, “Not good!”


“Chronograph Sorcerer” crates a glowing portal in the sky which sucks in him and the other four magicians. The portal closes with a burst of energy, which is absorbed by “Supreme King Z-ARC”, causing his ATK and DEF stats to appear.


I activate “Acrobatic Bubbles!”, said Yuya, “Until the end of the turn, all of my cards are protected from destruction once each!”

As ZARC releases a destructive blast of energy, bubbles patterned like acrobat’s balls surround Yuya’s cards. Z-ARC’s attack pops the bubbles, but all of Yuya’s cards are fine.


Odds-Eyes is vaporized by Z-ARC’s energy breath attack, and Yuya is knocked back.


“Yuya!”, said Yuto, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”, said Yuya, “It just knocked me back a little….”

“Why didn’t you activate your Action Card?”, asked Yugo.

“Because “Acrobatic Bubble’s” prevents you from activating any other card effects the turn you use it.”, said Yuri, “And doesn’t what just happened seem strange to you?”

“He’s right.”, said Yuya, “That attack should have done more than knock me back a little.”

“And he’s also not activating his own effect to bring back his Darkwurm.”, said Yuto “It’s like he’s holding back…”

“What I wonder is,”, said Yugo, “why does he keep referring to himself in the third person?”

“Wait a minute…”, said Yuri, “Ever since he summoned himself, he’s treated “Supreme King Z-ARC” as being a separate entity.”

“You’re right!”, said Yuya, “I think I know what’s going on.”

Yuya then gets up and approaches Z-ARC.

“Hey!”, shouted Yuya, “I don’t know who or what you are, but I do know you’re not Z-ARC! I get the feeling you’re in pain, that something's wrong. Are you hurt? Are you hiding from something? Why are you here, in my mind, and pretending to be Z-ARC?”

“RELEASE…ME…”, said Z-ARC(?).

“You’re trapped?”, asked Yuya, “Are you trapped in my mind? Or are your trapped in Z-ARC’s body? Is it both? How can I free you?”

“DUEL…”, said Z-ARC(?).

“The Duel?”, asked Yuya, “Id that how I free you? Do you need to win? Do I need to win? I don’t understand…”


“Exchange?”, asked Yuya.

“It’s an old card.”, said Yuto, “One that allows each player to take one card from the others hand. Of course, since he now only has one card in his hand…”

Performapal Recasting” vanishes from Yuya’s Hand, and is replaced by “Super De-Fusion”.

“Super De-Fusion?!?”, exclaimed Yuya, “I’ve never even heard of this card!”

“I have.”, said Yuri, “It’s the ultimate anti-Fusion weapon. I’ve only encountered it once, and it forced me to flee.”

“It’s that powerful?”, gasped Yugo.

“Perhaps it’s powerful enough to defeat even “Supreme King Z-ARC”.”, said Yuri with a nod.

“There’s only one way to find out.”, said Yuto.

“END…TURN…”, said Z-ARC(?).

“Now, it’s my turn, and I draw!”, said Yuya, “Excellent! I have everything I need now!”

“First, I discard the Action Card “Miracle” from my Hand to activate “Super De-Fusion”! This card splits all Fusion Monsters back into their materials!”

A swirling vortex of energy appears in the sky, pulling at “Supreme King Z-ARC”, who is then drawn into the vortex.

“YESSSSSSS!!!!”, cried Z-ARC.

The vortex explodes with a burst of energy, causing four balls of energy and a large fireball to land on Z-ARC’s field. The energy balls transform into “Double Iris Magician”, “Black Fang Magician”, “Purple Poison Magician”, and “White Wing Magician” in Attack Position, while the fireball takes on the shape of “Supreme King Z-ARC”. A massive, thick cloud lingers in the sky.

“Is that supposed to happen?”, asked Yugo, referring to the cloud.

“No.”, said Yuri.

“Now,” said Yuya, “I Pendulum Summon!” “Come out “Odd-Eye Pendulum Dragon” and “Performapal Coin Dragon”!”

“Odd-Eye Pendulum Dragon” appears from Yuya’s Extra Deck and “Performapal Coin Dragon” from Yuya’s Hand.

“Thanks to Coin Dragon’s effect, Odd-Eyes ATK is boosted by 500!”, said Yuya, “Now! Odd-Eyes! Attack his “Double Iris Magician”! Spiral Flame!”

“Double Iris Magician” is engulfed in Odd-Eyes Spiral flame attack and destroyed, and Z-ARC(?)’s LP is lowered to zero.

“FREEDOM!” said Z-ARC(?), as he condensed back into a fireball, and floats above the Duel field.

“Okay….”, said Yuya, “Now what?”

At that moment, Odd-Eyes roars, and Dark Rebellion, Clear Wing, and Starving Venom appear, and together, the four dragons fly into the cloud.

“Uh…”, said Yugo, “That?”

“Something…changed… when you defeated that fake Z-ARC.”, said Yuto, “I can feel it…”

“Me too…”, said Yuri.

At that moment, the fireball changes shape, becoming a “Phoenixian Fighter”.

“I AM RESTORED!!!”, said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, who then looks around puzzledly, “And…I’m at the circus? Why am I at the circus?”

He spots Yuya.

“Ah!”, said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, “You there, boy! Do you know where I am, or how I got here? And why are you so small?”

“Uh…”, said Yuya.

The “Phoenixian Fighter” then notices he is flying.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize I was flying.”, said “Phoenixian Fighter”, “Hang on, let me land.”

The “Phoenixian Fighter” falls straight down and crashes into the ground.

“Yow!”, exclaimed Yuya, running over to where the Phoenixian Fighter crashed, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”, said the Phoenixian Fighter, “This stuff happens to me all the time. I think. My memory’s kind of blurry right now.”

“Blurry?”, asked Yuya.

“Yeah.”, said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, “I can’t remember…well, practically everything. Except that I’m human. Well, I was human. Now, I’m some sort of flaming bird-man.”

“That’s awful!”, said Yuya.

“Really?” said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, “It doesn’t seem that bad. After all, I can guarantee I’ll stay warm now!”

“I meant about having amnesia!”, said Yuya.

“Oh, that.”, said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, “That is kind of a downer, but I’m not that worried. Sooner or later, it will all come back, it just needs the right trigger.”

At that moment, a roar echoes from the cloud, and a large shape is seen moving around inside it.

“What in the worlds is that!”, exclaimed the “Phoenixian Fighter”.

“Uh, a very large dragon?”, said Yuya.

“A…gaw!”, said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, dropping to one knee.

“What’s wrong!?!”, said Yuya.

“I…remember…”, said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, “I’ve heard… something similar… to that dragon before. It attacked the facility where they keep me in a pod and drained my energy to power their "Real Solid Vision". When they let me out to recover, they brainwashed me with a microchip, and had me Duel in tournaments for their amusement and profit. I had no name then, I was just a number.”

“Oh my…”, said Yuya.

“But then, I was freed.”, said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, “By a magician and a gym teacher. They rescued me and others from the facility when the guards and administrators fled. When we were escaping, a giant dragon with a similar roar appeared and demanded someone challenge him. I had reclaimed my Duel Disk and Deck, so I accepted his challenge, with some feeling inside me telling me only I could do so. But for some reason I couldn’t use some of the cards in my Deck, and the dragon ended up beating me fast, and then he tried to destroy me, but somehow, I created a barrier that negated his attack. My Duel Disk then malfunctioned, and it automatically re-challenged the dragon to a Duel. It accepted, and it soon became clear that the dragon’s pride prevented it from declining any challenges, and that it also couldn’t destroy me. So we Dueled, over and over again, long after the others had escaped. I began to learn his moves and strategies, and began to develop counter plays, but before I could defeat him, I collapsed from exhaustion. But the dragon still couldn’t destroy me, and he was just as tired as I was, so he left. I bet this sounds totally crazy, doesn’t it?”

“Not as crazy as you’d think.”, said Yuya, “What happened then?”

Yuya then notices that the “Phoenixian Fighter’s” arm has become transparent.

“And why is your arm disappearing?!?”, exclaimed Yuya.

“Because I’m not all of me.”, said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, “When the dragon left, somehow, I acted on instinct and put a small part of my soul inside him, in hopes I could help the next person who challenged him. But something went wrong, and that part of me wound up here. Normally, I should automatically return to the rest of me when my energy runs out, but something’s preventing that, so instead, I’m going to turn into a card.”

“Oh no….”, said Yuya, as the “Phoenixian Fighter’s” whole body becomes transparent, “Is there anything I can do to stop this, or help in any way?”

“No…”, said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, “Wait……yes. I need you to find the rest of me.”

“The rest of…?”, asked Yuya.

“My physical body.”, said the “Phoenixian Fighter”, “I’m aware that this is your mindscape, and that the rest of me is wondering around somewhere, most likely with his memory in as bad or worse shape as mine. Find him and give him the card I transform into. That should allow us to become a single being again.”

“Got it!”, said Yuya, “Err, what exactly does your human form look like?”

“No idea…”, said the “Phoenixia Fighter”, “That’s part of my memory that I still haven’t recovered. But his personality will be exactly like mine, since counterparts are identical to each other in appearance and personality, barring some major traumatic experience. And now…I think…my energy….is spent….”

The “Phoenixian Fighter” then transforms into the Spell Card "Phoenixian Possession”.

“Don’t worry.”, said Yuya to the card, “I’ll find your counterpart.”

At that moment, another roar echoes from the cloud, and the cloud then emits a bright light that engulfs everything….


Duel Script

Yuya Sakaki Vs. Supreme King Z-ARC(?)

Turn 1: Yuya, LP: 4000, Hand: 5

Action Field: Acrobatic Circus

Field: Empty

Sets “Performapal Hip Hippo (Level 3 ATK 800 DEF 800)” in Defense Position (Hand -1 = 4). Sets 1 Spell/Trap card (Hand -1 = 3). Ends turn.

Turn 2: Z-ARC(?), LP: 4000, Hand: 5

Action Field: Acrobatic Circus

Field: Empty

Draws 1 card (Hand +1 = 6). Normal Summons “Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm (Level 4 ATK 1800 DEF 1200) in Attack Position (Hand -1 = 5). Adds 1 “Supreme King Gate Zero” from Deck to Hand via “Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm’s” effect (Hand +1 = 6). Attacks “Performapal Hip Hippo” with “Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm” and “Performapal Hip Hippo” is destroyed. Ends turn.

Turn 3: Yuya, LP: 4000, Hand 3

Action Field: Acrobatic Circus

Field: 1 Set Spell/Trap Card

Draws 1 card (Hand +1 = 4). Places “Stargazer Magician (Scale 1)” and “Timegazer Magician (Scale 8)” in his Pendulum Zones (Hand -2 = 2). Pendulum Summons “Odd-Eye Pendulum Dragon (Level 7 ATK 2500 DEF 2000)” in Attack Position (Hand -1 = 1). Attacks “Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm” with “Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon” and “Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm” is destroyed, with battle damage being doubled due to “Odd-Eye Pendulum Dragon’s” effect (Z-ARC(?) LP -1200 = 2800). Z-ARC(?) Activates “Chronograph Sorcerer’s” effect in response to “Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm’s” destruction, Special Summoning “Chronograph Sorcerer (Level 6 ATK 2000 DEF 1700)”in Attack Position and “Double Iris Magician (Level 4 ATK 1500 DEF 1000)” in Attack Position (Z-ARC(?) Hand -2 = 4). Ends turn.

Turn 4: Z-ARC(?), LP: 2800, Hand: 4

Action Field: Acrobatic Circus

Hand: “Supreme King Gate Zero”

Field: Attack Position “Chronograph Sorcerer” and Attack Position “Double Iris Magician”.

Draws 1 card (Hand +1 = 5). Yuya acquires the Action Card “Miracle” (Yuya Hand +1 = 2). Z-ARC(?) Activates the effect of “Chronograph Sorcerer”, banishing “Chronograph Sorcerer” and “Double Iris Magician” from his field, and “Black Fang Magician”, “Purple Poison Magician”, and “White Wing Magician” from his hand (Hand -3 = 2) to Fusion Summon “Supreme King Z-ARC”. “Supreme King Z-ARC’s” effect activates, but Yuya activates his face-down “Acrobatic Bubbles” to prevent the destruction of his cards. “Supreme King Z-ARC” attacks and destroys “Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon” (Yuya LP -1500 = 2500), but doesn’t activate “Supreme King Z-ARC’s” effect. Z-ARC(?) activates “Allure of Darkness”, drawing 2 cards, then banishing “Supreme King Gate Zero”. Z-ARC(?) activates “Exchange”, giving Yuya “Super De-Fusion” while taking “Performapal Recasting”. Ends turn.

Turn 5: Yuya, LP: 2500, Hand: 2

Action Field: Acrobatic Circus

Hand: "Miracle”, “Super De-Fusion”

Field: “Stargazer Magician” and “Timegazer Magician” in Pendulum Zones.

Draws 1 card (Hand +1 = 3). Activates “Super De-Fusion”, discarding “Miracle” to activate it, then “Supreme King Z-ARC” is returned to the Extra Deck, while Double Iris Magician (Level 4 ATK 1500 DEF 1000)”, “Black Fang Magician (Level 4 ATK 1700 DEF 800)”, “Purple Poison Magician (Level 4 ATK 1200 DEF 2100)”, and “White Wing Magician (Level 4 ATK 1600 DEF 1400)” are Special Summoned to Z-ARC(?)’s field in Attack Position (Hand -2 = 1). Yuya Pendulum Summons “Performapal Coin Dragon” from his hand and “Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (Level 7 ATK 2500 DEF 2000)” from his Extra Deck. “Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon’s” ATK is increased by 500 due to “Performapal Coin Dragon’s” effect (Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon ATK +500 = 3000). “Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon” attacks and destroys “Double Iris Magician”, with battle damage being doubled due to its own effect (Z-ARC(?) LP -3000 = 0).