Battle Zone
Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Zone is a Yu-Gi-Oh!-themed game for the PlayStation 2.


The game is like Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, it includes lots of duelists to duel with but rather than fight you duel. There are lots of Gameplay Modes like Random Duel Mode, Tour Mode, Championship Mode and Story Mode. It follows the duels of Yugi, Joey and Kaiba in the Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, Virtual World, Alcatraz Tower, Waking the Dragons and Grand Championship seasons. You can play with the best Yugioh TCG Series 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 (Yugioh, GX and 5Ds)and also with anime cards and exclusive cards from Premium Packs and others. It includes over 20 packs to collect.


The main characters included are Yugi Moto,Joey Wheeler,Seto Kaiba,Maximillion Pegasus,Bakura,Weevil Underwood,Mako Tsunami,Mai Valentine,Rex Raptor,Mokuba Kaiba,Panik,Bonz,Bandit Keith,Paradox Brothers,Tea Gardner,Duke Devlin,Yami Marik,The Big Five,Random Rare Hunters,Noah Kaiba,Gozaburo Kaiba,Dartz,Rafael,Valon,Alister,Zigfried von Schroeder,Rebecca Hawkins,Serenity Wheeler,Ishizu Ishtar,Odion Ishtar,Leon von Schroeder,Random Grand Championship Contestants,Shadi,Solomon Moto and Tristan Taylor. All of them are unlockable characters you can unlock by duelling and defeating them in Story Mode. Once unlocked you can play with them in Random Duel Mode, some characters have 1 or 2 Deck Recipes and some others also have 4 or 5 Deck Recipes which can also be unlocked by beating them as many times as possible in a row. Also once unlocked you can play with that characters in Random Duel Mode, Tour Mode, Championship Mode and Story Mode and once you finish the game with any one of them(in Tour Mode) they have different endings, so it is truly a challenge. You can also unlock Jaden Yuki and Yusei Fudo, that explains why they are on the game's cover. You can also create your duelist and its deck recipe by selecting at least 40 cards from the random cards you are given to choose, which are basic cards.


The game's main duels can be played in Story Mode which is divided into 7 different arcs or seasons.These ones include over 20 different missions to accomplish each if you play these missions in Hard Difficulty or with the required duelist you can unlock tons of stuff.

Duelist Kingdom

"Yugi and Joey go on a quest to Duelist Kingdom to save Yugi's Grandpa: Solomon Moto and to get money for Serenity's eye surgery,but to accomplish their goals they'll have to defeat tons of duelists along their roads on the island to win 10 star chips each as they begin with 2 star chips each,enter the castle,then duel each other and finally beat the creator of Duel Monsters:Maximillion Pegasus. Will they be able to do so?"

Mission # Mission Name Description Reward
1 White Stroke Defeat Kaiba in Duel with Yugi Kaiba unlocked
2 Eyematch of Destiny Defeat Pegasus in Duel with Yugi Pegasus Deck Recipe 1 unlocked
3 Swarm of Insects Defeat Weevil in Duel with Yugi Weevil unlocked, 2 star chips
4 Harpie Thorn Defeat Mai in Duel with Joey Mai unlocked, 1 star chip
5 Sea Attack

Defeat Mako in Duel with Yug

Mako unlocked, 2 star chips
6 Stolen Blue-Eyes Victory Defeat Mokuba in Duel with Yugi Mokuba unlocked
7 Dread Kaiba Ghost Kaiba in Duel with Yugi Kaiba Deck Recipe 1 unlocked
8 Red-Eyes Reward Defeat Rex in Duel with Joey Rex unlocked, 2 star chips
9 Spirit Inside Defeat Bakura in Duel with Yugi Bakura unlocked
10 Hidden in the Darkness Panik in Duel with Yugi Panik unlocked, 7 star chips
11 Clash Bash Defeat Kaiba in Duel with Joey "White Master" booster pack unlocked
12 Zombie Trap Defeat Bonz in Duel with Joey Bonz unlocked, 2 star chips
13 Double Trouble Tag Duel

Defeat Para and Dox in Duel with Yugi and Joey

Para and Dox  unlocked, 3 star chips each Yugi and Joey
14 Face Off Kaiba in Duel with Yugi 500 DP
15 Proof of Powerlessness

Defeat Mai in Duel with Tea

500 DP
16 Resistance

Defeat Pegasus in Duel with Kaiba

1000 DP
17 Black Luster

Defeat Mai in Duel with Yugi

"Thunder Charge" pack unlocked
18 Mechanization

Defeat Bandit Keith with Joey

"Reaction Accursed" pack unlocked
19 Friend Clash Defeat Joey in Duel with Yugi (or Vice Versa) 1000 DP
20 Ultimate Collision Defeat Pegasus in Duel with Yugi Pegasus unlocked

Battle City

"After the defeat of Pegasus,3 mysterious monsters have appeared on the Duel Monsters game:the 3 legendary Egyptian Gods.The leader of the Rare Hunters and possessor of the Rod of Millennium: Marik, is looking for them to take over the world to a new age of Egyptian Dominion and also collect the 7 Millennium Items to become the new pharaoh.However,Yugi realises this and he and Joey will have to beat all Rare Hunters they find on their ways as Kaiba organises a new tournament: Battle City.All 3 duelists will have to collect the 6 locating cards to have a chance to enter the Battle City tournament and save the world from Marik's evil plans before its too late"


1-Challenge from the Past

Defeat Bandit Keith with Yugi

Reward:Bandit Keith unlocked

2-Step Out

Defeat Johnny Steps in duel with Yugi

Reward:Lightning Nightmare booster unlocked

3-Red-Eyes Stalked

Defeat 1 of the Random Rare Hunters with Joey

Reward:Random Rare Hunters unlocked

4-Reversal Destruction

Defeat 1 of the Random Rare Hunters with Yugi

Reward:Random Rare Hunters Deck Recipe 1;2 locating cards

5-Spinning Luck

Defeat Espa Roba with Joey

Reward:Jinzo,2 locating cards

6-Spellcaster Duel

Defeat Arcana with Yugi

Reward:Dark Magician(alternate arcana version),2 locating cards

7-Parasite Strike

Defeat Weevil with Joey

Reward:Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth,2 locating cards

8-Mime Control

Defeat Mime with Yugi

Reward:Slifer the Sky Dragon,2 locating cards

9-Legendary Fisherman

Defeat Mako with Joey

Reward:The Legendary Fisherman,2 locating cards

10-Curse of Masquerade

Defeat Lumis and Umbra with Yugi and Kaiba

Reward:1000 DP

11-Under Mind Control

Defeat Joey with Yugi

Reward:Joey unlocked

12-Underworld Asault

Defeat Bonz with Bakura

Reward:1000 DP

13-Faker Duelist

Defeat Magnum with Mai

Reward:Harpie Lady Sisters

14-Death Calling

Defeat Bakura with Yugi

Reward:Bakura Deck Recipe 1


Defeat Odion with Joey

Reward:Odion unlocked

16-Mind Game

Defeat Marik with Mai

Reward:Marik unlocked

17-Destiny Duel

Defeat Ishizu with Kaiba

Reward:Ishizu unlocked

18-Shadow Showdown

Defeat Marik with Bakura(or backwards)

Reward:1000 DP

Virtual World

"One night before the finals of Battle City,the KC Ship sunken into a mysterious and exotic land where a guy known as Noah creates his virtual world.But Yugi, Joey and, Kaiba,all of them don't realise they're unwelcome guests at his island.Noah will send them all to a new yet exotic world where they are misplaced in space,all duelists and their friends Mokuba, Tristan, Serenity, Duke, and Tea will have to duel to escape the virtual world before the Big 5 takes their bodies and run away into the real planet provoking nothing but chaos.¡Its up to Yugi,Joey and Kaiba to defeat Noah and the Big Five before their world is digitalized!"


1-Isolated in Cyber Space

Defeat Gansley with Yugi

Reward:Deep Sea Warrior

2-Freeze Duel

Defeat Crump with Tea

Reward:Nightmare Penguin

3-Courtroom Chaos

Defeat Johnson with Joey

Reward:Judge Man

4-Mechanical Mayhem

Defeat Nezbit with Tristan,Duke or Serenity

Reward:Robotic Knight

5-Outer-Space Cannon

Defeat Lector with Kaiba

Reward:The Big Five Deck Recipe 1 unlocked

6-Merger of the Big Five

Defeat the Big Five with Yugi and Joey

Reward:Five-Headed Dragon

7-Invincible Arc

Defeat Noah with Kaiba

Reward:Shinato,King of a Higher Plane

8-Final Threat:L.P. 10000 VS L.P. 100!

Defeat Noah with Yugi

Reward:Noah unlocked


Defeat Gozaburo with Kaiba

Reward:Exodia Necross and Contract with Exodia

Alcatraz Tower

"Finally,the 3 duelists managed to escape from Noah's Virtual World,after he helped them and sacrificed himself to save them all,Yugi,Kaiba,Joey and Marik are preparing their decks for the final duels as Yugi and Joey wants to save the world,Kaiba and Marik wants to get all Egyptian Gods to be the champion duelist of the world and be the new pharaoh,respectively.However Joey will fail in a legendary Death Duel in front of Marik's mysterious and most powerful of all Egyptian gods,the 3rd Egyptian god:Ra,Kaiba will fall in a epic clash against Yugi leaving just him to face Marik once and for all and save the world before terror begins"


1-Selection Duel

Defeat Marik,Joey,Yugi or Kaiba(you can choose anyone of them)

Reward:Revolution Blast pack unlocked

2-Lightning Suffer

Defeat Marik with Joey

Reward:The Winged Dragon of Ra

3-Clash in the Coliseum:Yugi VS Kaiba

Defeat Kaiba with Yugi

Reward:Obelisk the Tormentor

4-Path to Bronze

Defeat Kaiba with Joey

Reward:Kaiba Deck Recipe 2 unlocked

5-Final Face-Off

Defeat Marik with Yugi

Reward:Millenium Rod and Final Doom booster pack unlocked

Waking the Dragons

"Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba go outside Domino City to school,when suddenly they find flying monsters in the city.Yugi finds Joey and the others in his way and they all are worried about what do this means. Then Yugi's Millennium Puzzle begins to glow so he and his friends go to the Domino Museum, Yugi puts in front of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs the 3 Egyptian God Cards,but he feels a negative presence coming from the Hieroglyphs,this one being Dartz. What they dont know is that a group of Motorcycle Duelists looking for the Egyptian Gods cards are coming to Domino City launching their assault to combat in fierce duels with the power of the Seal of Orichalcos,where the loser loses his soul.Will Yugi,Joey and Kaiba survive this looming threat?"


1-A New Evil

Defeat Grerimo in Duel with Yugi

Reward:The Seal of Orichalcos

2-Toon World Nightmare

Defeat Alister with Kaiba

Reward:Kaiba Deck Recipe 3 unlocked

3-Unexpected Falling

Defeat Mai with Joey

Reward:Joey Deck Recipe 1

4-Challenge of Destiny

Defeat Rafael with Yugi

Reward:Rafael unlocked

5-Wrong Track

Defeat Weevil and Rex with Yugi and Joey

Reward:Joey Deck Recipe 2 unlocked


Defeat Yugi with Yugi

Reward:Yugi unlocked

7-Deck of Armor

Defeat Valon with Rebecca or Duke

Reward:Valon unlocked

8-Flight of Fear

Defeat Alister with Kaiba

Reward:Alister unlocked

9-Bitter Victory

Defeat Mai with Joey

Reward:Joey Deck Recipe 3 unlocked

10-Invincible Guardian

Defeat Rafael with Yugi

Reward:1000 DP

11-Final Battlefield

Defeat Dartz with Yugi or Kaiba

Reward:Dartz unlocked ===  Grand Championship===

"After beating Dartz,Yugi and Joey are going to take a vacation,until they find out about a new tournament sponsored by Kaiba where the best duelists of all the world will be in,so they enter the tournament.What nobody knows is that the final duel of the tournament will be corrupted by the entry of a mysterious German duelist known as Zigfried,where Yugi will have to fight for his life and for the future of Kaiba Corp.Will he win the final duel of this tournament?


1-Unwanted Guest

Defeat Duel Machine with Yugi

Reward:Yugi Deck Recipe 1 unlocked

2-Unmasking the Master

Defeat Mask the Rock with Joey

Reward:Solomon Moto unlocked

3-Fist Battle

Defeat Vivian with Rebecca

Reward:Rebecca unlocked

4-Down in Flames

Defeat Zigfried with Joey

Reward:Zigfried unlocked

5-Small Town

Defeat Leon with Rebecca

Reward:Leon unlocked

6-Kaiba's Intrusion!

Defeat Zigfried with Kaiba

Reward:Kaiba Deck Recipe 4 unlocked

7-Golden Stronghold Chaos

Defeat Leon with Yugi

Reward:1000 DP

All-Out Battles

"Here there are some examples of "easy duels" between Yugi,Joey and Kaiba against powerful enemies like Anubis and minor duels of training for them before they became the Legendary duelists they are now"


1-Basic Training

Defeat Solomon with Joey

Reward:Yugi Deck Recipe 2 unlocked

2-Insect Smash

Defeat Weevil with Rex

Reward:1000 DP

3-Feather Stupor

Defeat Random Duelist with Mai

Reward:1000 DP

4-Wrath of Rebecca

Defeat Rebecca with Yugi

Reward:Yugi Deck Recipe 3 unlocked

5-Legendary Heroes

Defeat The Big Five with Yugi,Joey or Kaiba

Reward:Yugi Deck Recipe 4 unlocked

6-Fierce Assault

Defeat Duke with Joey

Reward:10000 DP

7-Psychic Terror

Defeat Espa Roba with Rex

Reward:Espa Roba Deck Recipe unlocked

8-Taken Soul

Defeat Dartz with Weevil and Rex

Reward:Orichalcos Deiteros

9-Reliving the Past

Defeat Orichalcos Soldier with Yugi

Reward:1000 DP

10-Erradicating Ride

Defeat Zigfried with Weevil and Rex

Reward:10000 DP

11-Dont Follow the Rules

Defeat Vivian with Yugi

Reward:1000 DP

12-Countdown to Destruction

Defeat Bakura with Yugi

Reward:10000 DP

13-Cost Down

Defeat Pegasus with Kaiba

Reward:1000 DP

14-Pyramid of Light

Defeat Kaiba with Yugi

Reward:1000 DP

15-Anubis Extermination

Defeat Anubis with Yugi

Reward:Overdoom Road pack unlocked

16-Final Duel

Defeat Yugi with Yugi(using Deck Recipe 1 or 2)

Reward:everything unlocked

Promotional cards

Battle Zone wont include promotional cards

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