This set shows the cards that were present in the upcoming Special "Yugioh DQ: Bonds between Dimensions" by Chizuruotohime and Jadenkaiba. Including "Naja, Serpent Enchantress", "Chaos Wing - Quistis" and the ultimate card of Pandora, "Vice Despair Dragon"!

Set Specifications
  • Set Name: Yugioh DQ Special Promotional Cards
  • Set Prefix: DQMV
  • Release Date: Unconfirmed
  • Legal for Local Events: Unconfirmed
  • Legal for Premier Events: Unconfirmed
  • Cover Card: Vice Despair Dragon
  • Contains 3 Exclusive cards
  • Introduces original artworks from Yugioh DQ Movie Special by Jadenkaiba
Card List
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