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Yumi Fujiki is the daughter of Yusaku Fujiki and Skye Zaizen. In LINK VRAINS, she goes under the username Cyberse Angel.



Yumi looks largely like her mother with their similar light brown hair and eyes, the most notable difference being the faded-blue highlights at the tips of the former and the rather larger fringe of the same color falling over the right side of her face; despite all of this, her face and body shape are distinctly sharper, giving her a vague boyish feel.

Sketch of Yumi in her school uniform and as Cyberse Angel.

Yumi usually places a small green clip on her left temple so that the eye on the same side is not covered, as well a green band to hold up two blue locks on the top of her head.

Like her parents, Yumi tends to wear her school uniform even when outside it. She often has it a little messy. Her socks are much shorter than Skye's, barely going above her ankles, and she does not include the light-yellow jumper nor the pink heart-shaped tie clip that are usually seen in the female version.

In her Cyberse Angel costume, she wears a form-fitting full-body suit with light-blue lines running all over it, similar to Playmaker's. It also features many "cybernetic style" traslucent flaps lined with circuitry patterns that form a skirt around her waist and wings behind her back. Also, her hair growns much longer, voluminous, and wild; reaching her waist as well turning into bright blue with prominent yellow spikes. Finally, her right eye (the same one hidden by the fringe) is covered with a decorated metal plate vaguely similar by the one worn by the Knights of Hanoi, while the left one becomes light blue.


The Fujiki family.

Much like her parents, Yumi is a lone wolf who tends to stay by herself most of the time. She doesn't exhibit stereotypical traits of neither gender, she seems to not care about much in particular, although shes is easily fascinated by mysteries.

Yumi inherits her father's perpetual frown, and is very prone to snide remarks, and sometimes even to foul language. Whether she wants it or not, she tends to be thickly sarcastic, which leads her schoolmates to avoiding her. While she doesn't mind it much, it does make her feel lonely sometimes.

Partly for this reason, she cranks up the cutesy factor in Link VRAINS in a similar way to Blue Angel. Free from her inadvertly-intimidating expression, and the confidence boost that always comes with being anonymous, Cyberse Angel comes off not unlike a quirky VTuber, which gathered her a decent fan following. However, this has a side effect in the form of giving her something of a sadistic streak.


The "mi" part of Yumi's name is represented by an outdated kanji for "blue", representing the many motifs of her parents based around that color. It is also a tribute to Skye's childhood friend and Yusaku's fellow Hanoi Project victim, Miyu Sugisaki.


Yumi uses a "Soultech" Deck, a theme of LIGHT Cyberse monsters.



"Come, the circuit that delivers the wishes for the future to heaven!"
— Beginning a Link Summon procedure —