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Yumo Muto is the daughter of Yugi Muto and Téa Gardner.



YumoMutoFull.png YumoMutoFullUniform.png
Full-body render of Yumo. Yumo wearing the Domino High School female uniform.

Yumo mostly resembles her mother, having her blue eyes and brown hair, though the latter also shows links to her father's, such as the five points, a purple outline, and some blonde fringes.

Yumo's usual wear resembles Téa's colorful outfits, but with many accessories echoing Yugi's gothic themes: a sky-blue jacket with a large flap falling over her rear end, darker-hued stripes, and triangular metallic inserts on the shoulders; a dark orange shirt bearing an Eye of Anubis drawing, referencing her father's Egypt-related adventures; a deep-blue skirt with a jagged dark-blue hem, tied with a red ribbon; and pink boots. She also wears a black-and-white hair circlet, a cartouche pendant with the kanji Yu (遊) incided and two embedded green gems, small studded black belts on the hems of her jacket sleeves and boots, and a silver armlet on the right forearm.


Yumo is mostly a kind and caring girl, just like her parents, though she possesses a bit of haughty streak. When Dueling, she's always dead-set on winning, which sometimes reminds her parents of Atem.


Her name is a composed of the "Yu" particle used by the protagonists, and by the kanji for "peach", which doubles as a reference to her mother's name meaning "apricot" and a joke on the name of the pairing formed by her parents, "Peachshipping".


Yumo first appears in the oneshot "Blood of the King", where she Duel her own dad at a tournament. She showed to be determinated to defeat him, and take back the King of Games title that he lost to Jaden Yuki years before.


Yumo's Deck is a Spellcaster-Type one that revolves around "White Witch". Using the food-themed "Magician Girl" monsters as the engine, she focuses on powering up her ace and her evolved forms through effects that raise ATK depending on her other monsters, while also using Spell/Trap Cards for costs and then recycling them.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Revolution



Opponent(s) Story Outcome
Yugi Muto Blood of the King Not shown


Opponent(s) Story Outcome
Terra Yuki Yu-Gi-Oh! Revolution - Episode 006/007/008 TBD

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