let speed to new goals!-yuna


yuna has green hair like her mom with blue tints her hair is in a braid ponytail has blue bangs and she has her dad eyes. she wear a pink t-shirt with a blue star going on her sleeves and on her shirt,she has red bands on her arms wears yellow tight with pink stripes blue shoes with white soles green laces in her turbo suit her color are green with blue highlight her helmet is the same her duel runner is pink with green stripes with blue tints her blade is blue and her duel disk is green while her blade is also blue.


she talks in a kind energetic voice in the dub she always start in a happy tone but when she sad she talks too fast for anybody to understand in japanese she say sama in the end of a person name.


her name in yuna is night while yu mean grapefuit while na mean a phonetic person.


yuna is hotheaded like her dad and will tell them to say her name right or she will punch them she is very competitive in duels or in a race she'll get carried away with stuff she very helpful and kinda a soft guy.


she has the power to make dimensional rifts to travel across other dimensions even if she's tired she also has awakened state too.


  • yuna appeared in chapter 6 time unknown turbo duelist she traveled to standard dimension to duel yuka
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