Zombie Counterpart monsters are all Zombie-type monsters that are undead versions of traditinal monsters. In general, thay have the same ATK and Level of the original monster. If the monster has an effect, it is reflected in the revived monster in a warped and twisted way (for example, if the effect originaly alowes Fiend-type monsters to do something, the Zombie Counterpart now alowes Zombie-type monsters to do something). Thay usaly have a DEF of 0. Many (but not all) are Synchro Monsters, usaly requiering the Plaguespreader Zombie Tuner Monster to summon. They also can be found in some archetypes exclusives from this wikia: The "ZXyz/Number Z" monsters,"Mis-Wound", River Styx" "The Forgotten (series) and the "Daighosts".

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