Zombie HERO is a Zombie Counterpart archetype of the "Elemental HERO" monsters, and other HERO monsters, their effects being different from the originals as well. Zombie HEROs generally have lower than average ATK/DEF, which is mitigated by the inability to be destroyed by battle.

However, some monsters break the "lower than average ATK/DEF" theme such as; Zombie HERO Bladedge, Zombie HERO Dian, Zombie HERO Drill Wingman, & Zombie HERO Shining Flame Enforcer.


Main Deck Members
"Zombie HERO" Counterpart Original Card
Zombie HERO Avian Elemental HERO Avian
Zombie HERO Bladedge Elemental HERO Bladedge
Zombie HERO Bubbleman Elemental HERO Bubbleman
Zombie HERO Burstinatrix Elemental HERO Burstinatrix
Zombie HERO Drilldark Destiny HERO - Drilldark
Zombie HERO Clayman Elemental HERO Clayman
Zombie HERO Necroshade Elemental HERO Necroshade
Zombie HERO Sparkman Elemental HERO Sparkman
Zombie HERO Wildheart Elemental HERO Wildheart
Zombie HERO Vaporman Elemental HERO Steam Healer
Zombie HERO Gravityman Vision Hero Gravito
Zombie HERO Vyon Vision HERO Vyon
Zombie HERO Doom Prodigy Evil HERO Infernal Prodigy
Zombie HERO Dian Masked HERO Dian
Extra Deck Members
"Zombie HERO" Counterpart Original Card
Zombie HERO Drill Wingman N/A
Zombie HERO Flame Wingman Elemental HERO Flame Wingman
Zombie HERO Phoenix Enforcer Elemental HERO Phoenix Enforcer
Zombie HERO Shining Flame Enforcer Elemental HERO Shining Flame Wingman/Elemental HERO Shining Phoenix Enforcer
Zombie HERO Wild Storm Evil HERO Wild Cyclone
Zombie HERO Doom Gainer Evil HERO Infernal Gainer
Zombie HERO Neo Bubbleman Elemental HERO Neo Bubbleman
Zombie HERO Dusk Crow Masked Hero Dusk Crow
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